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Ice Fishing Rods and Reels

Anyone who has ever spent a few hours on a frozen pond waiting for a nibble knows how different ice fishing is from standard reel or fly fishing — extreme patience and a good deal of resistance to cold is a major requirement, but additional ice fishing gear and supplies are required to ensure that you come back from a fishing trip with a decent haul.  Ice fishing rods in particular are different from their warm weather cousins; certain lines and reels are requiring to bring in different types of fish, while the entire range of equipment must be able to handle the cold and the snow.

Micro rods are naturally the smallest type of rods, with the least amount of tension feedback and able to catch smaller fish or bait fish rather than the larger types.  Use micro rods to land a perch, a sunfish, a blue gill, crappies, or even smaller sized bass.  A stronger rod weight with heavier design can be used for jigging and hauling in a heavier fish or even a game fish, including lake trout that can weigh as much as thirty pounds.  Many fishing companies manufacture specific types of ice fishing rods, advertising instant efficiency in your next fishing trip.

A finesse rod is a nineteen inch graphite rod with a small spinning wheel that allows for short sight fishing, so that experienced fishermen can directly look down on their catches and land them without laborious hauling.  A dead stick rod works best for catching minnows or other small bait fish, floating on the ice edge with the bobber; the dead stick rod shows action as minnows pass by without alerting or alarming the fish.  For large walleyes and lake trout, a spinning rod works best to bring in the bigger sized hauls.  These rods are much more sensitive than their smaller counterparts, but are designed to take punishment from passing or landing fish.