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How I Encourage my Nephew with Football Senior Banners

Playing Football is never easy, from the start the players undergo different challenges that will test their strength and dedication to the game. I have a nephew who plays for their school football team and he told me the hardships he has endured during the time he was still a rookie.


Saying No When They Have To

As a young player, several requests keep coming from different directions. During game seasons several requests like appearance, friends/family wanting to come in for every home game (also wanting to know if they can stay with him or where they should stay),errands for vets, ticket, charitable appearances/interviews/donations, autographed memorabilia, TV, Radio, digital, newspaper interviews, making investments, loans, buying new car, clothes, jewellery, dinner with veterans teammates and a whole lot of other request and not to mention the off-season requests that would also require their presence and in as much as they want to say yes to all the requests, doing so will burn through their time, money, energy and most specially their performance.

Keeping A Healthy Eating Habit

Every time there is family gathering, expect overflowing food, drinks, desserts and alcoholic beverages in the table but my nephew keeps a very strict diet where he cannot eat the old food he used to eat because doing so will affect his performance in the game.

Staying Organized

In his desire to become a professional athlete, he knew that there are big responsibilities that come with it. Overwhelming things will start pouring in and if he is not organized, he might lose focus on his life and eventually on the game. It is important for him to organize everything so that he don’t have to think about that during the game.

Having said all of those things, I have come to realize that what my nephew is sacrificing just to get his dreams of becoming a professional player. Since then, I have always been thinking of ways to make him happy during his game. I always make sure that I will watch his games whenever I have the time, I want to cheer for him and make him feel that he has my support all the way.

But I don’t only watch his games, I also bring football senior banners for his team and ever since I started doing that, I saw my nephew perform better in the game. One day he approached me and said, he liked the football senior banners I have made for their team because it makes him more inspired and make the challenges easier to bear.

I did not think that the simple football senior banners that I have ordered from Team Sport Banners will have that impact on my nephew and his team. I did not regret spending a few dollars for the football senior banners because it has made them happy in so many ways and no amount of money could ever compensate on those smiles on their faces.