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Fishing The Sprague River In Oregon

It’s that time again.  The rivers in Oregon are open for fishing.  If you’re like many anglers, you wait anxiously for winter to end so you can get back on the river.  There is a lot of Oregon property that is accessible for fishing.  The Sprague river starts in Bly Oregon and meanders through Beatty, Sprague River, and eventually merges into the Williamson river which feeds Klamath Lake in Klamath Falls.

There are a few places along the Sprague river that is accessible to the public.  Much of the river is banked by private property but the river is floatable if you have the time and ambition.  You can access the river behind Chiloquin high school.  There is also access on the Winema National Forest.  The upper boat launch is about two miles East of the town of Beatty.  Be prepared for a very long day if you plan on floating it.  The first public place to get out is about 20 miles downriver.

The river is quite active with fish.  There are trophy sized redband trout, lunker German Brown trout, rainbow trout, large mouth bass,  brown bullhead trout, and despite what the tree huggers would like you to believe, plenty of Sucker fish.  Fishing for large mouth bass peaks during the late summer and early autumn.

If you are going to float the river, be prepared by scouting the takeout location.  Since public access is limited, if you miss your take out spot, you could be in for a very long boat ride until you find your next chance.

The river is fished with spinners but bait is also allowed.  When you get into the Williamson, it’s artificial lures only so don’t get caught with even the tiniest amount of bait in your possession.  You can be cited for using bait even if it’s just in the boat or tackle box.

Despite the hassle of dealing with all the private Oregon properties, fishing the Sprague river can be quite enjoyable and productive.