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Basketball As The Ultimate Gym Sport

basketball_netFor me, like most Americans, the idea of going to the gym and just lifting weights and running on a treadmill is dreadfully boring.  Incorporating a fitness sport into my workout was an ideal way to keep myself motivated and to keep in shape.  Basketball is a great full body workout, an excellent aerobic exercise and a wonderful way to burn extra calories.  Oh, and its fun too!

Spicing up your workout every once in a while can do wonders.  When you do the same exercises over and over again, your body can get accustomed to them and you may not see the results you are hoping for.  Something like a game of basketball, racquetball or swimming can sometimes be just the thing to get you back in gear.

I can be extremely competitive, especially when it comes to sports, so I started incorporating basketball training exercises into my repertoire.  Sprints to improve my speed, jumping exercises to get me closer to the hoop to name a few.  I’d dribble a basketball at home constantly which helped me tone my biceps, triceps and forearm.

Playing a gym sport basketball has also helped meet a lot of new friends at my gym.  Working out with them outside of the basketball court forces me to kick it up a notch.  They’ve also introduced me to other fantastic sports like racquetball, water polo and kickboxing.

By adding all these additional exercises, I feel like I am getting the most from my fitness club and getting my full money’s worth.  It can be hard to digest the extra expense of having a membership at a health club, but if you really commit and take advantage of all that they offer, it may be worth your money.

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