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Banners: All You Need To Know

Banners have been in existence for so many years now. Banners are designs crafted on pieces of clothing. They can represent a company, an institute, an organization, a team, or even a fraternity. The list goes on and on. In this essence, there are so many banners available out there in the world.

Even the famous Mcdonald restaurant has got a banner that represents the company. In essence, almost everything can have a banner. There can be a food banner, soccer banner, basketball banner, hockey banner, bank banner, hospital banner, e.t.c. As much as the general means of making a banner is via the use of a cloth, these days, banners are made with various types of materials. It is also made with a combination of materials. Banners are different from flags in terms of how they are displayed and the materials used. Flags are made from clothes only, but banners are made from other materials. So many sport banner team are made from vinyl, mesh, polyester fabrics e.t.c.

Types of Banners

If you’re walking on the major road or even in your streets, it’s easy to spot different types of banners with different shapes all around since we all know that banners are used as a form of advertisement, it’s essential to know the different types of banners to know which one suits our preference.

Flag Banner

These flag banners are perfect for outdoor businesses and events. This unique type of banner comes in four different variants: the block shape, the teardrop shape, the feather shape, and the 3 x 5 inches shape. Feather shape flag banner is given the name based on the design of the banner, which is structured like a feather. The teardrop shape flag banner is given the name based on the design of the banner, which is structured like a teardrop that is upside down. You can buy this type of banners and customize your events, businesses, and restaurant. Interestingly, they have different types of mounting solution, depending on where you want to put it.

Retractable Banner

These types of banners are widespread amongst various businesses we see today. They are mostly used in corporate spaces and trading expos. The popularity of this type of banner comes from the easy mounting and disassembling method. They come attached to a mounting base; then, they are rolled up and hooked on a pole-like structure. They come in large and mini-top variants. The base comes in different sizes, which other prices are also applicable. The most expensive bases are used for displays of edge to edge sizes. Unlike the flag banners, the retractable banners are explicitly designed for indoor purposes.

Non-Retractable Banner

When it comes to portable banners, the retractable banners are ideal. However, when it comes to stability and firmness, the non-retractable banners are the best. They are multi-purpose banners that can be used both outdoors and indoors. However, the indoor types differ from those meant for outdoor purposes. Interestingly, because of their concrete base, they can withstand the intensity of the wind. They mostly make use of a triangular prism base, wheelbase, and a totem base. These types of banners are mainly utilized for promotional events and marketing of brands.

Street Pole Banner

These types of banners are the types that are attached to light poles along the road and streets. They are mostly utilized in big cities, university campuses, and shopping malls. If you visit some urban areas, you’ll discover that these banners are mainly on major roads with street light poles. These types of banners are mostly used for advertising things within the vicinity. It’s also easy to install by using a bracket, which you will use to attach the banner to the pole.

Suspended Banner

These types of banners are used in most stores, especially for advertising products. They can be either suspended from the ceiling or on the wall. It all depends on your preference. If you’ve got product discounts to advertise in your store, I believe this should be ideal for you. Suspended banners utilized indoors often come with full color and because they are made with flexible fabric. 

Sports Banner

Sports banners are trendy in the world of sport. Sport banner team are all about showing your passion and support for your favorite team. What’s more, they are affordable for fans, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Sports banners are not only exclusive to one sport. There are soccer team banner, basketball banners, hockey banners, baseball banners, and many more. Due to the popularity of soccer, banners are utilized as a tool for supporters to show their support and passion for their favorite team.


Banners are great options to advertise your business, shows, and seminars. The goal is to display something that will attract people’s attention. It is essential to use bold words and bright colors for your banners for a good visual effect. In terms of sports, a banner is a way to show support towards your favorite team.